Welcome To Chivalry Legions.
Welcome To Chivalry Legions.

Chivalry Legions, is a global Runescape waring/pking Clan, which spans a period of more then 5 years, we are committed to our in game presence as a waring clan and our community.
CL was originally founded as an Australia and eastern American clan. But in the early days, CL took on a lot of Australian players and committed itself to crippling its rivals in the Australian timezone. As a result of CL's sheer dominance and persistence, many of the founding Australian clans died, with most of their members joining CL.

As a further result, there has been many a time, when CL was the only Active Australian clan, which has shifted CL's sights to their original goals in being a dominant Australian as well as eastern american clan.
CL is now continually expanding into different timezones, with a now large American timezone constituency and an equally growing European member base.

CL is and always will be the number one Australian clan and one of the most accommodating American timezone based clans.
If you are interested in joining or want to get to know us first, please feel free to register on our forums, or alternatively, use the links below to get a better idea on what is expected or join us on our IRC chat Room.

Quick help guide ~ How to Join CL
CL IRC Web Applet

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