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SwiftSwitch/kit - #cl is run on the Seers server, In order to access our chat you need to download this program. If your having problems using this program, please use the irc java applet under links.

Ventrilo - Cl's primary source of communication during wars, is by ventrilo. You will not need to have a mic, but please download this program, so you can respond to commands given by our warlords.

Mirc - Some people prefer mirc over swiftshift, for this reason, I have put this link here.

Firefox with Google Toolbar - Our website and forums are first programmed in firefox, then for compatibility reasons, we reprogram them in internet explorer. For better use of our facilities, feel free to download firefox here.

If you are a member of cl, you will need to download swift and ventrilo.
If you need a guide to use them, please look in links.
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