Join CL!
So you want to join CL?

Here is a few quick, easy steps to make your application process run as smoothly as possible.

1. Register on CL's forums by clicking Here. CL requires you to verify your account through email before you can do anything. If you don't see the email, make sure you check your junk or spam folder.

2. Upon creating a forum account, continue the application process by filling out an introduction so that CL can get to know you better (filling out an introduction is optional but encouraged). Here is a link to our Introduction forum Click Here. (Make sure you've created an account and are logged in.)

3. Before posting your application, make sure you stop by CL's irc channel, located at #cl, and get to know CL and it's members so you can gain some referrals for the rest of your application. If you don't have an irc client available to you, Click this Link to use CL's own IRC web applet.

4. Time for the application itself! Before filling out the application though, make sure you visit the following topics on CL's forums, go Here and Here. Those two topics will go more in depth into what you, as a Future Applicant, need to know and do during your application period. Once you have your referral, open the Application and fill it out in a New Topic. After you've posted your application, send the forum link to your referers so they can post their vouch and expediate the process.

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