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These are CL  war records kept from August 2005 - December 2007.

Official War History
7 Wins - 4 Losses


August 2005
Rune Raiders vs Chivalry of Legends
RR gets 300+ ops, CL 180 ops.
RR wins comfortably.

September 2005
EOS 200 ops, CL 230 ops
EOS wins with 130 ops left

8th April 2006
CL 270 ops, TFC 240 ops.
CL wins with 190+ ops left.

24th of June 2006.
CL vs Jagz:
CL 270 ops, Jagz 240 ops
CL wins with 180+ ops left.

September 2006
CL vs VR
CL 270 ops, VR 240 ops
CL had 120 ops left to VR's 70 ops. VR calls Naterians team of 90 ops to crash. VR ends with 30 ops.
CL wins by default (Victory given by General Shop - VR leader)

7th of October 2006.
CL vs Tmrd
CL 276 opts, TMRD 306 opts
TMRD wins with 198 opts, CL ends with 0.

18th of November 2006.
CL vs WG
CL starts with 306 opts.
Wg starts with 294 opts.
CL wins with 220+ opts left.

17th of December 2006
CL vs BK, war in BK's timezone.
CL starts with 220 opts.
BK starts with 280 opts and ends with 117.
CL ends with 0.

9th of June 2007
CL vs SoK
CL starts with 210opts
SoK starts with 180opts
CL wins with 200opts remaining

16th September 2007
CL vs EoS
CL starts with 210opts
EoS starts with 150opts
Eos Cheats and backs out, CL declared victors by the United Nations.

3rd November 2007
Chivalry Legions Vs Wilderland Official War
CL Starting Opts: 150-170
WL Starting Opts: 200ish

CL Ending Opts: Around 60


Miniwar History
31 Wins - 12 Losses


December 7th 2005
RR vs CL, 10 v 10 miniwar at members gate
RR wins with 4 people left

December 8th 2005
CL vs DL, 10 v 12 miniwar at black knights (DL had 12)
CL wins with 8 people left

December 17th 2005
CL vs Jagz, all out miniwar at gds
CL - 126 ops
Jagz - 80 ops
CL wins with 110+ ops

December 20th 2005
CL vs Cold Souls, 10 v 10 miniwar at gds
CL wins with 7 people left

December 28th 2005
CL vs Maelstrom
CL - 90 ops
Maelstrom - 40 ops
CL wins with 90 ops left

December 29th 2005
CL vs DeathRow, 10 vs 10 F2P Mini-War at Black Knights
CL win with 8 people left.

January 3rd 2006
CL vs Valiant Legends, 10 vs 10 F2P Mini-war at Members gate, 1 hour prep.
Cl outlevelled badly, still win through organisation with 7 people left.

January 6th 2006
CL vs LK
Cl - 140+ ops
LK - 70 ops? rofl
CL absolutely crushes them with 120+ ops left

Not sure of exact date but it was around this time
CL vs DF full out mini
CL starting opts: 128
Df starting opts : 135
Df ending:80
An hour n 30 mins prep.

Sunday 12th of March 2006,
CL vs LT full out mini 30 mins prep
CL starting opts: 135
LT starting opts :110
CL wins 100+ opts remaining

April 20th 2006
CL vs Torment, 15 vs 19 F2P Mini-War at members gate
CL win with 10+ people left, Tor had 3 runners.
29th of April. 2006
10v10 rematch mini war with EoS.
lvl 115 cap.
EoS win with 2 people left.

No lvl cap. 29th of April 2006.
10v10 mini war against Abolutum.
Cl win with 6 ppl left

Saturday 13th of May 2006.
Cl vs Rs Forsaken full out mini war 1 hour prep.
Cl starting opts: 150
Rsf starting opts: 70
Cl win with 135 opts left.

28th of May 2006.
Cl vs Corr full out 5 day prep mini war.
Corr starting opts:330
Cl starting opts:230
Corr wins with 270 opts remaining

12th of June 2006.
CL vs DF full out 30 min prep mini war.
CL starting opts: 102
DF starting opts: 123
DF ending opts: 93
CL ending opts: 0

Monday 3rd of July 2006.
2 hour prep full out mini war against Torment+friends.
CL starting:201opts
Tor+friends starting:130 opts
CL wins with 189 opts remaining.

Saturday July 15. 2006
Cl vs Eos full out mini war 1 hour prep.
Cl defends Eos attacks.
CL starting opts:150
Eos starting opts:126
CL wins with 66 opts remaining

Sunday July 16. 2006
CL vs TC 40v40.
CL starting:93 opts
TC starting:111 opts
TC ending:54 opts
CL ending:0

Monday 17th of July 2006.
CL vs Corruption 15v15.
CL starting ops: 45
Corr starting ops: 45
CL wins with 36 ops remaining

Sunday 30th of July for aus est and Nz. Saturday 29th of July for rest of the world.
Cl vs Bk full out 3 day prep mini war.
CL starting:180 opts
Bk starting:150 opts
Cl ending:60 opts

Saturday, September 3, 2006.
CL vs DF 30v30 for Cj70's tournament on rs community.
CL starting:90 opts
DF starting:90 opts
DF ending:74 opts
CL ending:0

Saturday, September 23, 2006.
CL vs Doa 30vs30, 105 - 115 cap for Cj70's tournament on rs community.
CL starting:90 opts
Doa starting:90 opts
CL ending:30 opts
Doa ending:0

Saturday, September 31, 2006
CL vs Bk 3 day prep full out mini war.
CL starting:216 opts
Bk starting:160 opts
CL ending:150 opts
Bk ending:0

Sunday 15th of October 2006.
CL vs Df 20v20 105 - 115 division for Cj70's clan tournament.
CL starting:60 opts
Df starting:60 opts
CL ending:0
Df ending:24 opts

Saturday 28th of October 2006.
Cl vs Az+Rk 30 minute prep full out mini war.
Cl starting:174 opts
Rk+Az starting:150 opts
Cl ending:150 opts
Az+Rk ending:0

Sunday 29th of October 2006.
Cl vs Gladz 20 minute prep full out mini war.
Gladz having 176 members and 119 avg to Cl's 115 avg and 123 members. Cl were quite outleveled in this fight.
Cl starting:174 opts
Gladz starting:188 opts
Cl ending.0
Gladz ending:60

Saturday 25th of November 2006.
CL vs 'The' full 45 minute prep full out mini war.
CL starting:165 opts
'The' starting:174 opts
CL ending:0
'The' ending:45 opts

Wednesday 24th of January 2006.
Cl vs ''The'' 20 min prep 20v20.
Cl starting:60 opts
''The'' starting:60 opts
Cl ending:33 opts
''The ending:0

11th of Febuary 2007.
Cl vs Corr 20v20
Cl starting: 60 opts
Corr starting: 60 opts
Cl ending: 39 opts
Corr ending: 0

25th of Feburary 2007.
Cl vs Gladz 1 day prep full out mini.
Cl starting:220+ opts
Gladz starting:117 opts
Cl ending:200 opts
Gladz ending:0

23rd of April 2007.
Cl vs TMRD 3 day prep full out mini.
Cl starting: 315+
TMRD starting:250+
Cl ending:170+
TMRD ending:0

1st of July 2007
Cl vs Bk 2 day prep full out mini war
Cl starting: 160+ opts
Bk starting: 160+ opts
Cl ending:0
Bk ending: 70 opts

July 29th 2007.
Cl vs Df 1 hour prep
Cl starting:165 opts
Df starting:159 opts
Cl ending:0 opts
Df ending:99 opts

August 13th 2007
Cl vs Df full out 5 hour prep
Cl starting:180+opts
Df starting:150+ opts
Cl ending:66 opts
Df ending:0

22 October 2007
Chivalry Legions Vs The British Elites, 1 Hour capped Mini War
CL Starting: 96
TBE Starting: Around 100-120
CL wins in 40 Minutes.
CL Ending: 111

24 october 2007
Chivalry Legions Vs Torment, 20 Versus 20.
CL wins with 8 Left.

27th of October 2007.
Chivalry Legions Vs Aggression 1 Day Prep Mini War
CL Starting: 171
Aggression Starting: 129
CL Ending: 70

6th of November 2007.
Chivalry Legions Vs Torment 30 min prep full out mini war.
CL Starting : 110-120
Tor Starting: 100
Tor Ending: 0
CL Ending: 60

25th of November 2007.
Cj70 and Yoeni's Clan Tournament - 105+ Range Only [F2P] - 15 v 15
Chivalry Legions vs Runescape Elites
CL Starting : 45
RE Starting: 45
RE Ending: 0
CL Ending: 36

26th of November 2007.
Chivalry Legions Vs The Clan 30 min prep capt mini war.
CL Starting : 102
THE Starting: 102
THE Ending: 0
CL Ending: 45

1st of December 2007.
Cj70 and Yoeni's Clan Tournament
Chivalry Legions Vs Clan Europe, P2p 15v15, Crashed, CL take victory
CL Starting : 45
CE Starting: 45
CE Ending: 0
CL Ending: 27

2nd of December 2007.
Cj70 and Yoeni's Clan Tournament
Cl Vs Tmrd - 30 Vs 30 - 115+, CL Victorious
CL Starting : 90
TMRD Starting: 90
TMRD Ending: 0
CL Ending: 33


Alliance Wars
0 Wins - 2 Losses

24th of July 2006.
Wg+Rr+Cl vs Ds+Fa's. 1 week prep full out war fight.

Ds+Fa's starting:399 opts. They had 180 people.

Wg starting:330 opts
Cl starting:230 opts
Rr starting:250 opts
Total:399 opts. We had around 260 people.

Ds+Fa's ending:350 opts
Wg+Rr+Cl ending:0
Cl, Wg or Rr were not allied at the time.

1st of December 2007.
Cj70 and Yoeni's Clan Tournament
Torment + The Rising V's Cl + Rr[20+20 V 20+20], TOR + TR Win.
CL + RR Starting : 120
TR + TOR Starting: 120
TR + TOR Ending: 60
CL + RR Ending: 0

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